What Is Shuttle Mediation And Does It Work?

September 27, 2016

What Is Shuttle Mediation And Does It Work Bristol

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shuttle mediation

What Is Shuttle Mediation And Does It Work Bristol

When undergoing a separation, shuttle mediation is often recommended. To find a suitable provider, search for a Family Mediation Service. During shuttle mediation, both parties sit in separate rooms while a mediator travels between them to reach a resolution. This approach is sometimes used to accommodate domestic abuse or intimidation, where face-to-face mediation may be unsafe or unproductive.

While shuttle mediation can be effective, many mediators prefer face-to-face discussions as they believe it’s the best way to resolve matters. It is a suitable option for those who should not mediate in the same room.

Occasionally, when discussing finances, one party may take offense to mediator’s comments to another client. This has led to violent behaviour, referred to as “shoot the messenger”. Be aware of such issues when considering shuttle mediation, it requires careful handling.

Success stories of facilitated communication are plentiful. Even when parties haven’t communicated in years, shuttle mediation has reunited them and helped them reach a parenting plan that is fair to both parties. Mediators must decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not shuttle mediation is the right approach. Family mediation works wonders when it comes to resolving disputes, and quick, efficient solutions.

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