What on earth is a MIAM?

November 3, 2016

What Is A MIAM? Bristol

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What Is A MIAM? Bristol

What on earth is a MIAM Bristol?

In April 2011, the UK government introduced Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs), designed to provide support and clarity to those considering mediation or making a court application to family law courts. Confusion around the concept and purpose of MIAMs lingered for several years until April 2014 when the government made it mandatory for almost all family law court applicants to attend a MIAM before proceeding with the court process, except in extenuating circumstances such as serious domestic violence.

Now, anyone who is considering a contested court application regarding children’s living arrangements, school choices or finances following divorce or separation must attend a MIAM. The process presents an opportunity for both parties to address potential conflicts in a confidential environment and explore every option before making any decisions. If there are assets like pensions or a house involved, or arrangements for children, the benefits of attending a MIAM could extend to significant savings of time, money, and emotional strain.

During a MIAM, the mediator, such as the UK Family mediator Bristol, will cover all options available to the client. From proceeding with a court application to discussing how to effectively contact the other party and explore possibilities for a joint mediation process. The goal is to provide clients with the necessary information to make informed and confident decisions.

If you are looking for mediation or want to learn more about the process, visit our Beginners’ Guide to Family Mediation or contact our team today. Many successful family mediations have taken place through the use of MIAMs, and we are here to help you navigate the process.

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