Informal Financial Dispute Resolution

December 28, 2016

Informal Financial Dispute Resolution Bristol

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Informal Financial Dispute Resolution Bristol

If you’re feeling weary of the expenses and proceedings involved in a court case, know that settling outside the court is an option worth considering to save both your time and money. With Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR), you can finalize an agreement much before the last hearing. This process is becoming increasingly popular for couples to negotiate, settle and resolve their disputes comfortably with the help of solicitors.

Though, there are challenges one may face while opting for an FDR. Appointments occur very late and after the formal court hearings have begun. Furthermore, the judge may not always have enough time to review an individual case, which could lead to dissatisfaction. Lastly, the judge handling the FDR may not specialise in family dispute cases.

However, attending mediation at a neutral centre can help by providing an informal FDR or evaluation for both parties. At the centre, an expert mediator who specialises in dispute resolution will listen to both parties’ concerns and help them come to an agreement. In some cases, co-mediation can also be used to provide additional support.

If you’re looking for such services, UK Family Mediation Bristol can help you today.

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