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When ending a long-term, or even a short-term, relationship with children or other shared responsibilities, unmarried couples might use mediation to create plans for the future relating to matters like finances, property, and children. Begin your first steps into family peace; Speak to UK Family Mediation Bristol today. 0330 010 1571

The terms “unmarried” and “cohabiting” used throughout this page refer to couples who are neither married nor in a civil partnership. Many people who live together in a household assume that they will each have an equal stake in the house, however in most cases, only one person in the household will have any cohabiting property rights. One party may have sole claim to the value and residency rights of a property if they have moved into a property previously owned by the other party, especially if the title documents and mortgage are held only in one name. However, there are advantages to splitting up as a non-married couple, since there is no marriage or civil partnership to end.


Child Access

If you have children together,  it’s important to keep in mind that unwed fathers only get these rights if they are included on the birth certificate or if they have been granted parental responsibility by a court.


Family Home

Many people who live together in a household assume that they will each have an equal stake in the house, however in most cases, only one person in the household will have any cohabiting property rights.



As long as you can afford to take care of your dependents and each other, you are not required to go to court to settle your differences and can make your own arrangements for the future.

Finding Resolution Solutions

Unmarried Couples

Mediation Support

Some legal protections are available only through marriage or a civil union.

Even if you’ve been married for a long time and have shared a home for a lengthy amount of time, just being in a long-term relationship does not grant you the same rights.

Some people still believe that in England, if they live with someone for long enough, they can claim the benefits of a “common law marriage” and become legally married, but this is not the case.


communication is key

How Family Mediation Works
making a start

When a cohabiting couple separates, unmarried mediation Bristol  can help them work out future arrangements that are fair for everyone concerned, including any children and extended family members.

Avoiding legal conflicts and the complications that can result from having fewer legal protections in place when you’re not married is aided by this.

Follow the Processs
There is a reasonably structured procedure to follow when a married couple divorces or when parties in a civil partnership seek to terminate it. Part of it is complying with the law, which may force you to explore mediation as a tool in the divorce negotiations.
Reaching an Agreement
UK Family Mediation Bristol help you work out your differences and come to an agreement about things like shared living expenses, joint bank accounts, and even a long-term pet that you both adore.
determining your goals
Your settlement agreement from mediation will be less formal than a legal settlement or dissolution and can be as all-encompassing or as narrowly tailored as you and your ex partner need.
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