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Mediation is a process that involves a trained mediator who helps family members resolve disputes related to finances, children, and property.

In the United Kingdom, family mediation can be an effective way for couples to avoid going to court and resolving their disputes amicably. In this blog post, we will discuss how UK Family Mediation can assist with legally aided mediation.

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Legal Aid & Family matters

What is Legal Aid Mediation

A legal aid agency like ourselves is the process of using a mediator to help resolve disputes between two people who are eligible for legal aid.

Legal aid is financial assistance provided by the government to those who can’t afford legal representation. Legal aid mediation can help couples resolve disputes related to financial matters or child arrangements without incurring significant costs.

If you are in receipt of universal credit or on a low income then you are able to claim mediation cost support – all you will need to start is a copy of your bank statements.

Family Mediation Support

UK Family Mediation Bristol

What we offer

  • We will provide a neutral mediator who will facilitate discussions and help both parties reach a resolution.
  • Ensure that both parties understand their legal rights and obligations.
  • Helping both parties come up with creative solutions that may not be possible in court.
  • Providing a safe and confidential environment for discussions to take place.
  • Assist with Legal Aid Application Support and Guidance
  • Online Mediation available out of hours and accessible from anywhere.


One step ahead

Family mediation support aims to keep you proactive in resolving disputes.

By anticipating potential conflicts and addressing them early, mediation helps prevent issues from escalating.

Being one step ahead means having a structured plan, clear communication, and understanding each party’s needs, leading to more amicable and efficient solutions.


building your case

In mediation, building your case involves gathering relevant information, understanding your rights, and articulating your interests and concerns effectively.

It’s essential to present your perspective clearly while also being open to compromise. Preparation is key; having documented evidence and a well-thought-out narrative can strengthen your position and facilitate constructive dialogue.


achieving your goals

The ultimate aim of family mediation support is to help all parties reach mutually satisfactory agreements.

This involves setting realistic and clear goals, being willing to negotiate, and prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved, especially children.

Successful mediation focuses on finding common ground and creating solutions that meet the long-term needs of the family.

Legal Aid Financial Support

UK Family Mediation Bristol

How we Can Help

UK Family Mediation Bristol is dedicated to helping families resolve disputes through mediation meetings. They provide legally aided mediation can help couples resolve disputes without going to court. 

Benefits of Legal Aid Mediation

Child Access

How UK Family Mediation Service Bristolcan help with legally aided mediation?

Legal aid mediation can be an effective way for couples to resolve their disputes without the need for expensive court proceedings. UK Family Mediation Service Bristol provides legal aid mediation services that can help couples reach a resolution in a safe and confidential environment.

If you or your ex partner is in receipt of universal credits you should be eligible to apply for legal aid mediation sessions and can be used towards financial settlement disputes as well.

By choosing mediation, couples can retain more control over the outcome of their dispute and save time and money.

Claim legal aid HERE by speaking to the UK Family Mediation Bristol team.

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